5 Signs it’s Time for Invisalign In Orange County

How long have you been putting off your straighter smile? Chances are, you’re busy with work, raising a family, and keeping up with so many other things that you wonder if orthodontic treatment can even fit into your schedule.

Fortunately, Invisalign makes orthodontic treatment a breeze for busy adults (and teens.) They’re a great investment when it comes to enhancing your smile’s appearance and health.

You Don’t Want “Regular” Braces

Invisalign isn’t like other types of orthodontic treatment. Instead of wearing brackets and wires, the clear trays look practically invisible over your teeth.

When you wear translucent aligners, you’ll be able to go about your regular day without other people realizing you’re in braces. It’s the most subtle type of teeth straightening treatment that there is. You can even remove them to enjoy all of your favorite foods.

If you’ve wanted braces in Newport Beach but just aren’t ready to commit to a fixed appliance system, then Invisalign has exactly what you’re looking for.

Your Teeth are Starting to Move

The older we get (a sensitive subject, yes) the more our teeth tend to start drifting out of alignment. For people who wore braces in the past but didn’t keep up with wearing their retainer, orthodontic relapse happens sooner rather than later. But even for those of us who never underwent orthodontic treatment, our bite can gradually change over the years.

invisalign-newport-beachThe constant patterns of swallowing, how we eat, and habits like biting our nails can lead to cumulative changes in our bite’s shape and the way our teeth line up. If you’re noticing that your teeth are starting to drift or tilt in ways they haven’t in the past, then Invisalign could correct those issues. Dr. Yazdan can prescribe a specific Invisalign plan that allows your teeth to align properly (and likely better than they were before they started to move!)

You’re Seeing More Oral Health Issues than Normal

Are issues such as gingivitis, “pockets” in your gums, or cavities popping up more than they used to? If your teeth are crowded or crooked, it statistically raises your risks of periodontitis and tooth decay. By investing in Invisalign, you can correct your tooth alignment so that hard-to-reach areas are easier to clean with a toothbrush and floss.

And since Invisalign is removable, your oral hygiene is a breeze during orthodontic treatment. There aren’t wires to clean under, brackets to brush around, or special tools you need to buy to clean your teeth. Just remove your trays and brush and floss like normal.

If you’re in traditional braces and need dental treatment, it makes the process a bit more involved. For example, you may have to go and get your wires removed by the orthodontist, come back to see the dentist for the treatment, then return to the orthodontist to get the wire put back on. That’s not necessarily the same with Invisalign. If you need a filling or other restoration, we can arrange to have new aligners fitted. But typically, it’s business as usual.

Irregular Wear Patterns

Are your starting to see some teeth wear down and look flatter or shorter than others? While habits like clenching/grinding or nail biting can contribute, so does the way your teeth bite together. A slight misalignment can ultimately cause enamel to wear down prematurely in some areas. It’s easiest to notice on front teeth, when you’re smiling in the mirror, or looking back at photographs.

While Invisalign won’t reverse the enamel wear, it can prevent it from getting worse. Your enamel is the hardest structure in your entire body, but it’s not invincible. Correcting your bite with invisible braces can allow your remaining tooth structure to stay intact longer, lengthening the overall lifespan of your smile.

You’re Always Thinking About It

Is having a straighter smile constantly on your mind? Do you perhaps even feel self-conscious about the way your teeth look to the point that you avoid smiling or taking pictures? Dr. Yazdan understands and it’s something we can help with. Your smile should be something that you love to show off. Invisalign can help you get there.

Even if you’re in the middle of your career or approaching retirement (or perhaps, already retired?) you can qualify for Invisalign clear braces. But the first step is to make sure your smile is healthy enough to get started. If you’re a candidate, our Newport Beach Invisalign office can help you take the next steps.

Find Out More

The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry offers in-house Invisalign for adults and teens. Everything is completed at our Newport Beach dentist’s office, so you won’t have to ask for a referral or see a separate specialist. Call us today to request an orthodontic evaluation to find out if you qualify. Flexible financing plans are available.

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