4 Non-Dental Reasons to Get a Smile Makeover

A lot of people undergo smile makeovers so that they can have healthy, functional teeth. But an attractive smile goes far beyond just improving your ability to eat your favorite foods, or prevent additional tooth loss. There are also several deep, meaningful reasons why you might want to consider enhancing the way your teeth look. Here are just a few:

You’re Embarrassed by the Way Your Teeth Look

The embarrassment of crooked, missing, or misshaped teeth is deeper than what so many of us ever realize. It’s common to see our smile makeover clients cry tears of joy when they finally get to see themselves in the mirror after their procedure.

Feeling self-conscious about your teeth isn’t just an internal struggle. It affects everything from your personal relationships to your professional career. Even being able to stand up and give a presentation or talk to someone new may seem practically impossible.

At The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Yazdan takes what you don’t like (or do) about your smile, and starts from there. Each care plan is meticulously worked up to address your priorities, concerns, timeline, and even budget. We may be able to perform it in stages or all at once. And as always, flexible financing plans are always available.

When you finally have the freedom to love the way you look, you’ll experience a change in your confidence and personality, too. We often see people who are typically shy and reserved morph into outgoing, confident individuals, simply by enhancing their smiles. There’s no telling what a smile makeover can do for your confidence until you’ve experienced one for yourself. 

You Haven’t Smiled (or Laughed) in Who Knows How Long

If you’re self-consciously telling yourself not to let anyone see your teeth, it can make you come off as unfriendly, unhappy, or entirely disgruntled. Even if that’s not really who you truly are. But when we refrain from smiling—even around family members or taking photos with friends—it impacts the way people see us. And in turn, the way we see ourselves.

One of the amazing things about smile makeovers, is that they suddenly set you free. You can smile or laugh whenever you want, without having to worry about your mouth or missing teeth. Now when you pose for family portraits, wedding photographs, laugh at a friend’s joke, or even your company headshot, you’ll get to smile however you want. 

smile dentist newport beachYou’re Looking to Get Ahead in Your Career

Believe it or not, numerous experiments have shown that people who have attractive teeth tend to have a better chance of being offered a job after they interview. And even more, they’re typically offered a higher starting salary.

Is it because they’re smiling more? Attractive? Appear more confident? Maybe they look healthier? There’s no telling what’s going on in people’s minds. But the numerous cases where experiments have been conducted tell us one important thing: investing in your smile could help you get ahead in your career.

For someone who is looking to change career paths or pursue advancements in their current company, investing in their smile’s appearance might—just literally—pay for itself in the long run. It’s definitely a great investment that doesn’t hurt, when you want to make an amazing first impression. But on that note, be sure to work with a highly experience cosmetic dentist. You want results that look naturally attractive, not so bright that they appear fake.

You’re About to Start Dating Again

Are you about to get back into the dating scene? Having a gorgeous set of pearly whites helps show off your true you—especially when you feel more sociable and happier to smile.

Healthy, white teeth naturally take years off your appearance. Easily balance your maturity (and wisdom) with an attractive smile that helps you look as young as you still feel. Especially since you’re about to brave the big new world of meeting new people.

And while we’re on the topic of dating, a smile makeover can also help you get any existing dental infections under control. Such as cavities or gum disease. That way you’ll enjoy fresher breath all day long. We can help you remove any tartar buildup, reverse oral inflammation, and stop bleeding gums so that you never have to worry about what the other person is thinking before you lean in for a kiss!

Smile Makeovers in Newport Beach

Dr. Desiree Yazdan is a world-renowned cosmetic dentist offering smile makeovers in Newport Beach. When you visit The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry, you’ll find that we provide tailored smile experiences for each individual client. Whether you want a straighter smile or need to replace missing teeth, we have something for everyone.

Contact our office today to get started!

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