3 Steps To Finding The Right Dentist

3 Steps To Finding The Right Dentist


Finding the right dentist isn?t always as easy as opening up Google, typing something into the search bar, and finding someone who is in your area. You have to be more intentional about the kind of dentist that you are looking to work with so that you can make sure you get the results you want.

So, how do you find the RIGHT dentist? Well, there are three things you should consider when searching for your new dentist. Keep in mind, these are not the only things that you should be looking, but they will definitely help point you in the right direction.

1. Get Clear On What Procedure You Need or Want

There are many different specialities in the dental field, and if you don?t know what you?re looking to have done, you may find yourself bombarded with endless?recommendations from Google and your family and friends. To combat all of the information overload, get clear on what you want. ?Specifically, what procedures you need to have done or want to have done. If you have a pre-existing issue then you?ll want to find a dentist that specializes in that area. For example, if you need a tooth extracted, then you may want to search for an Oral Surgeon. ?If you need work on your gums, you may want to search for a periodontist. If you don?t know exactly what you need, or it?s been some time since you visited a dentist, look for a general dentist, and let him/her help point you in the right direction.

2. Do Your Research and Then Research Some More

Once you know what you need to have done, it?s time to start by doing some research. I would recommend that you start first by asking your general dentist for recommendations. ?Chances are, he/she works closely with a few people who they trust with their patients. ?Additionally, they know the work is done well, which makes their job easier in the end! As a dentist myself, I only refer to people who I trust will do an amazing job. ?It makes my patient happy, it makes my job easier because I know they are doing a great job, and I know the follow up procedure I will be doing will last longer because they did a great job on their end (kind of like building a home on a strong foundation), and it ensure that I will retain the patient because I know they will have a great experience! ?If you don’t have a general dentist yet, try asking your family and friends. They are the ones who can tell you their personal experiences with a particular doctor. But, don?t stop there when it comes to doing your research. You want to then use a tool like Google to research the person that you were referred to. Check out their website and social media to see some of their work. You can even call their office and speak with a team member to get more information.

3. Go In For A Consultation

The final step is to go in for a consultation. For most offices this doesn?t mean that you have to commit to having any work done. It could simply mean that you are going in to meet the doctor or their team and get an understanding of what can be done for you. While not every office follows this practice, it?s a great place to start if you?re still on the fence about making the particular dentist that you’re visiting your regular dentist.

Finding a dentist doesn?t have to be hard and it doesn?t have to take a long time. It really just takes you being intentional about finding someone who is going to meet your needs and do good work. The extra steps that you?re going to take by doing research and having consultations will definitely pay off in the long run. ?Remember, dental procedures are usually irreversible. ?And you don’t want to have any regrets. . . so do your research!!

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