3 Easy Treatments to Enhance Front Teeth

Are you exploring smile makeover options to enhance the appearance of your teeth? Thanks to new developments in dental materials, there are a wider variety of cosmetic dentistry options to choose from than ever before!

Yes, options like Invisalign, dental veneers, or porcelain crowns can drastically enhance your smile. But sometimes less is more. Especially if you have a very specific aesthetic concern or tooth that stands out from the rest. By addressing those unique situations, your entire appearance can benefit!

At The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry, here are three unique treatments that can be used as a stand-alone enhancement, or combined with other therapies for individualized needs.

ICON DMG (Resin Infiltration)

 Do you have white spots on your teeth? Those discolorations could be due to things like early cavity development (demineralization), past illnesses, plaque buildup while wearing braces, or simply due to the amount of fluoride intake you had while the tooth was developing.

Treating white spot lesions used to be difficult when it came to cosmetic dentistry. But today it’s a straightforward process, thanks to ICON DMG materials. With ICON treatment, Dr. Yazdan uses a watery composite solution that flows directly into the tubules (micropores) of your tooth enamel. When it does, it restores the integrity of that portion of your enamel and consequently “erases” the visible white spot lesion. There’s no bleaching or bonding involved! Plus, the process only takes a few minutes per area.

Since ICON uses translucent resin, it’s an ideal material for cosmetic dentistry treatments. If the shade of your tooth ever changes due to aging or whitening treatments, the ICON-treated area will continue to blend in with the surrounding tooth structure. The material is literally infiltrated directly into the pores of your teeth. As a perk, you might even notice that it helps with borderline tooth sensitivity in those areas.

ICON white spot treatments are an affordable smile makeover add-on. But the difference that they make, makes it so that the procedure is significant even if you don’t have extra cosmetic dentistry work done. Once your smile is consistently colored from one side to the next, it looks healthier and more attractive.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Same-day teeth whitening enhances the natural shade of your smile in just one appointment. That way if you’re on a crunch for time or have a last-minute event (such as a job interview) you can have whiter teeth before the day is over.

Professional whitening removes several shades of discoloration, even if it’s natural or has been there for years. If you grew up with darker teeth or have been a coffee drinker for decades, the whitening gel is strong enough to make a huge difference. Especially for deep-set stains that can’t be polished off during a cleaning.

Whitening is great for our patients who have healthy teeth and gums. If you have existing dental work — such as fillings or bonding — on front teeth, it won’t lighten those restorations. So, keep that aspect in mind, as you would need time to update those areas before the transformation is complete.

It’s worth noting that if you have white spots on teeth, bleaching agents may cause those areas to be more noticeable as opposed to evening them out. So, in those instances, a white spot treatment like ICON would be more appropriate. However, the two can be used together, for an optimal outcome.

teeth-whitening-newport-beach-orange-countyBonding and Contouring

Although these two cosmetic dentistry treatments are different, they go hand-in-hand. One smooths out uneven or rough edges (contouring) while the other builds up areas that are lacking (bonding.) Each one is fast and minimally-invasive.

Contouring gently reshapes the tooth so that it looks smooth and proportionate against its neighbors. Although the enamel is slightly reduced, the procedure only takes a few minutes and numbing may not even be required.

Bonding uses tooth-colored material to cover chips, gaps, or other surface discrepancies in teeth so that your tooth structure looks whole again. Dr. Yazdan shapes the material by hand, for a truly customized outcome. Similar to contouring, bonding may not require any anesthetic.

Although treatments like dental veneers have their place, people frequently overlook these less-common and less-invasive alternatives. Bonding and recontouring don’t require working with a lab or taking extra impressions of your teeth. They’re quicker and ideal when you’re only dealing with 1-2 teeth that need attention.

Exploring Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Every smile makeover at The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry is unique. Dr. Yazdan carefully plans each experience to meet the needs of our patients, whether they be time requirements, personal preferences, or the total cost involved. Thanks to ICON resin infiltration, bonding/contouring, and teeth whitening, you have three easy and fast ways to enhance your most important accessory: your smile.

Contact our office in Newport Beach today to request a consultation.

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