We understand that a visit to a dental office might not always be comfortable, but your experience is always our first priority.

The caring and knowledgeable team of dental experts in Dr. Yazdan’s Orange County dental office excels at creating a relaxed, soothing atmosphere while providing superb oral care. We use the state-of-the-art equipment and most advanced techniques to bring you an outstanding patient experience.

During your visit, our team will ask you about your dental history as well as any complaints that you might have. If necessary, a full digital mouth X-ray will be taken. After that, our dental hygienist will examine you to assess your oral health. Any existing or emerging problems will be documented and examined by Dr. Yazdan, who will then present an appropriate treatment plan based on your unique needs. We will regularly reassess the effectiveness of your treatment plan to ensure that you are receiving the optimal dental care.

Our team of experienced professionals lead by Dr. Desiree Yazdan takes pride in approaching every patient with thorough consideration and carrying out individualized treatment plans that meet highest worldwide standards.

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