Innovation & Excellence in Dental Care

Dr. Yazdan and her team actively participate in continuing education programs and are able to utilize the latest techniques and innovative solutions to make your experience enjoyable and easy. Among other high-quality and high-performance technologies, Dr. Yazdan uses the following dental innovations in her Newport Beach office:

  • Digital X-rays – this technology delivers 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays.
  • Invisalign®– invisible, removable clear braces and orthodontic retainers that straighten your teeth with extra comfort and convenience.
  • Waterlase Dentistry™ – this technology uses laser energy to perform dental procedures without the heat, vibration and pressure associated with the dental drill, and often, without anesthetic.

Our staff of dental hygiene technicians will help you maintain your beautiful smile with regular instructions on oral hygiene and periodontal care. A one-hour tooth whitening treatment can be done in our office, while you lie back and enjoy watching a DVD of your choice.

Dr. Yazdan uses durable tooth-colored material to make all restorations. The restorative process is designed to protect your natural tooth structure. We use materials that are biocompatible and present minimal risk of allergic reaction. Our spa-like surroundings offer soothing music and aromatherapy during your dental treatments.